Austin Acupuncture Clinic for Pain Treatment

The use of Acupuncture for pain relief has come under more has a long history in Chinese medicine and was also one of the first accepted uses for acupuncture in the west as a complimentary therapy. There has been gathering evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief and we are proud to bring these benefits to Austin.

The great advantage of acupuncture for pain relief is that it is not addictive and has negligible side effects compared to other analgesics and pain medications. For those in need of pain relief taking regular doses of addictive pain killers can be a real concern. The risk of developing dependency when treating chronic pain is high. Also threatening is the potential for liver damage inherent when analgesics are taken frequently over an extended period of time.

For residents of Austin Acupuncture at the Licensed Doctor Zheng’s clinic offers an opportunity to reduce or eliminate these problems. If you are suffering from chronic pain you might be surprised to learn of the documented benefits of acupuncture for pain relief. The use of acupuncture of pain has grown exceptionally over the past decade. In 2004 only 1% of Americans had undergone acupuncture treatment for pain. By 2014 that number had risen to 6% or 14 million Americans. Many of them new acupuncture patients are from Austin.

There are divergent views regarding the mechanism by which acupuncture acts for the relief of pain. In Chinese tradition acupuncture is said to correct imbalances in the body allowing the flow of chi. The needles are placed along “meridians ” lines through which the chi flows. Some have suggested mechanisms more in line with Western medical theory such as that the needles are placed at trigger points near major nerve centers. This causes stimulation and the release of endorphins suppressing pain.

The skeptic does not need believe in the whole theory however to accept the efficacy of Acupuncture. There are after all many things in science, such as quantum mechanics, where there is no accepted consensus regarding the cause of a phenomenon but substantial evidence that it exists.

Numerous trials have been conducted on the effects of Acupuncture and how it can treat pain. The best studies utilize controls to see what degree of improvement is caused by the treatment itself and what is the placebo effect (the improvement a patient feels and sometimes physically undergoes from the knowledge they are taking a treatment even if it is of no medical value). This has been done by comparing the effects of needles correctly placed according to acupuncture theory with those random placed. The studies repeatedly show that correctly placed needles have a superior effect on patient outcomes.

So if you are suffering with pain in Austin acupuncture could help you recover without less dependence upon pills and drugs. Give us a call today at (512) 657-8117 Dr Zheng Guili is a Licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine operating a clinic is Barton Hills, Austin. He is incredibly experienced and easily reached from South Lamar and Zilker.

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